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    Rekey Locks

    Since we rekey locks in Richmond, we can help you with multiple concerns. This service helps you increase security in the most cost-effective way. But it’s also a great solution when security is threatened. With our help, problems and security concerns are all handled promptly and affordably. Locksmith Richmond is here to cover rekeying needs and make sure your property is secure.

    What’s the significance of lock rRekey Locks Richmondekey?

    When we rekey locks, what we do is change part of the mechanism to enable the lock to only operate with a different key. That’s a valuable service that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And it’s the solution to a number of problems.

    • Dismissed an employee and fear that he/she have copied the keys and might come back?
    • Want key management and not to carry twenty different keys for twenty different doors?
    • Broke up with your better half or got a divorce and want to be sure your ex won’t visit you abruptly?
    • Is your key stolen or lost?

    The bottom line is that when unauthorized people are the key holders of your property’s doors, there is always a possibility of a break-in. That’s why we are available for emergency lock rekey in Richmond, British Columbia.

    Our techs come equipped to remove and thus change the pins of your lock. We offer key change on the spot and test the new key to be sure it fits well in the rekeyed lock.

    Since there are differences among cylinder locks, rest assured that our pros are familiar with all and will use the right key replacement to cut a new one for you.

    Why our skills help you improve key management?

    We install master key system locks. Since some locks can be rekeyed by changing the pin configuration, we can also fix them to work with master and servant keys. In other words, you can use only one key to open all twenty doors in an apartment or office building. And each one of the tenants will use the unique key of each door.

    Call us if you need further information, quotes, or assistance. We rekey locks in Richmond urgently and charge reasonably. Contact us.

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