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    Lock Change

    The secret of increased security is regular lock change. You can’t rely on old door locks. Just like you would never use a rusty padlock to secure your bike, you shouldn’t keep aged door and window locks either. You might not see their damage, but their inner mechanism wears and erodes over the years. When you replace locks relatively often, you don’t only spare yourself the hassle of lockouts and similar security problems but also avoid burglaries.Lock Change Richmond

    With our lock change Richmond services, we try to keep your locking systems updated. Our company has the experience, equipment and skills to change home, commercial and car locks. We do offer consultation and guidance as to which locks will be best for each entry point at your property, but are also here to cover emergency needs. Need urgent lock repair or change? Simply call us.

    We change all locks and offer lock installation

    Call us for emergency lock change in Richmond, British Columbia. We come fast after burglaries and any time you can’t use the key to open the door. When the lock is damaged, you can’t insert the key in it or have trouble turning it. Before we jump to conclusions, we check the condition of the lock. Is it broken? Can it be fixed? If the lock is relative new or its condition is good, we spare you the lock replacement cost and simply fix it. Our prime and only intention is to take care of the problem fast and ensure that your door can be locked to protect you. So we make judgments and the required work.

    If your lock is in good shape but the problem started when you lost the key, we might also recommend lock rekey. That’s necessary when your keys might be in the hands of strangers whether they were stolen or kept by ex-homeowners. In case you need to replace one or more locks, count on our accurate lock installation.

    We can install but also repair deadbolts, window locks, cabinet locks and any other lock. Want to schedule the installation of a new cylinder lock? Interested in digital systems? Need emergency lock or key change in Richmond? Call us!

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